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Me in my garage

My name is Viktor Zielinski. I was an auto mechanic and tire service technician for more than 40 years. I owned auto repair and parts shop in New Jersey. I sold my shop back in 2017 and I am now retired. As I have a lot of free time I am learning web development and blog writing. 

The fact that I am retired does not mean I lost my interest in cars and fixing them. I love to spend time in my garage getting dirty on my old Mercedes-Benz W123!

I decided to create TiresHowTo.com because I want to improve my writing and web development skills (tire size calculator is my first attempt to learn PHP).

I also think that the experience I gained through all those years as a tire technician and auto mechanic can be turned into really interesting and useful blog posts and guides for all folks who are into cars and mechanics.

Have any questions about tires? Feel free to contact me!